Rhinoplasty Recovery

These top 5 tips for your Rhinoplasty recovery will help you to get back on your feet faster, and help you to look like your new and improved self sooner.

Having a nose job done is fairly complicated surgery that often takes more than a month to fully recover from. Unfortunately, during the recovery period, you are going to have a swollen and bruised appearance, which is far from ideal. So, after your Rhinoplasty surgery at our Plano, Tx location, you should do everything you can to aid in the recovery process. While it will take time for your body to heal and your new nose to look the way that it should, you can lessen the amount of time by following some simple tips.

Factors That Will Influence A Patient’s Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

When looking at the recovery time for Rhinoplasty surgery there are a number of factors that will influence how quickly a patient recovers. One of the main factors that influence Rhinoplasty recovery is age, it’s common knowledge that younger people tend to recover more quickly from illness, injury, and surgical procedure. The complexity of the procedure is also going to play a big role in determining recovery time. For a simple nose job, the recovery time will likely be considerably shorter than for a more extensive surgery. Other factors that will influence recovery time following your surgery is your overall health, how much time you spend in the Sun, and whether or not you are a drinker. Keeping these factors in mind, the following top 5 tips for your Rhinoplasty recovery should help you to recover from your surgery as quickly as possible.

1. Protect Your Nose While It Heals

Following Rhinoplasty surgery your nose is going to be sore, and it’s also going to be much more vulnerable to injury than it normally is. Because of this you really do need to be careful for at least the first two weeks following your surgery. If you get hit in the nose during this time it’s not only going to be quite painful, it can also damage some of the delicate work that your surgeon did. While you may start feeling better after about a week, the longer you are able to wait before you resume your normal physical activities the better it’s going to be for your nose.

2. Get Plenty Of Rest

Your body needs as much rest as possible in order for it to recover. When you are planning to have Rhinoplasty surgery it’s definitely in your best interest to plan to get as much rest as you can following your surgery. You should definitely try to stay in bed quite a bit for at least a few days while you focus on limiting your activity and trying to relax. You are probably going to be on pain medication for a few days and that should definitely help you to relax. It’s also important that even following a few days of resting in bed you should try to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours a night. Your body heals more quickly while you sleep, so make sure that getting plenty of sleep following your Rhinoplasty surgery is a priority.

3. Keep Your Head Elevated

One of the biggest complaints that patients have following Rhinoplasty surgery involves the amount of swelling they experience. Swelling is an unavoidable side effect of any surgery, but there are some simple things that you can do to help limit the swelling you experience. One of those simple things is to elevate your head when you lay down and when you sleep. Keeping your head elevated will reduce swelling, and it’s one of the easiest things you can do in terms of speeding up your recovery.

4. Eat A Healthy Diet

In addition to getting plenty of rest, your body is also going to need the right foods to help it during the recovery process. Before getting into the right healthy foods to eat, the first thing you need to do is eat soft foods that are easy to chew for a few days following your nose job. Chewing foods that are tough and chewy can actually aggravate your nose and slow down the healing process.

In terms of eating healthy foods eating a well-balanced diet that has plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with lean protein sources is the key to a faster recovery. While eating a diet like this is always a good idea, it’s even more important following a surgical procedure. It’s also a good idea to learn about foods such as red tart cherries and other natural options that can help you to recover since they contain natural anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also important that you limit your salt intake since too much salt will cause you to retain water, which will make you appear more swollen.

5. Take Your Medication

Following Rhinoplasty surgery you are going to be given pain management medication, and you will also probably be given antibiotics to help prevent infection. It’s very important that you take these medications. The pain management medications you are given will help to keep you comfortable, which will reduce your stress level. A reduction in stress can actually boost your immune response, which can help you heal more quickly. Antibiotic medications are even more important to take because they will help to prevent infection. If you get an infection during the recovery process it’s definitely going to take you longer to recover, and postoperative infections can actually become serious medical problems.

Be Patient

After your Rhinoplasty surgery, you are probably going to be anxious and will want to look your best as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that is going to mean waiting a little while before you will be able to have an idea of how your new nose will fit in with the rest of your facial features. The good news is that generally speaking, you should begin to appear more like your normal self after about a month. You can then ensure that you continue to recover at a good pace by following the tips above.

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